Triumph Water Heating


If you are looking for a custom sized hot water cylinder or custom-made product, we are happy to accommodate this for you!

Low & Medium Pressure Copper Cylinders

(14L – 400L Range including Undersink)

We do a range of stock copper cylinders from 14 to 400 Litres with wetback options. These are manufactured in New Zealand in high quality heavy duty copper and insulated to NZ Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). The Triumph brand range has been supplying NZ with tanks for over 60 years!

Custom made cylinders with coils and additional direct fittings are available

Quickfit Mains Cylinders – Vitreous and Duplex Stainless Steel

(Stock residential range 90L – 300L)

We have launched an exciting new mains pressure cylinder range for residential installations. These cylinders come with our Quickfit valve at the top of the tank – this has the cold inlet, hot outlet, cold water expansion, relief and tempering valve all in one system.  Installing a Quick Fit cylinder is as easy as connecting a dishwasher!  A perfect solution for new build installations or conversion from low / medium pressure to main pressure.

Installation kitsets are also available

Stock & Custom Duplex Stainless Steel Cylinders

(Solar & Wetback Coils including Combo range)

 Quality built from Duplex Stainless steel – ranging from 180 to 400 Litre in stock and custom built from 20 to 3000 Litres! We can accommodate various fittings for additional heat sources such as solar, wetback, heat pumps and more along with additional elements in various sizes to suit. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Dairy, Motorhome, Marine and Drainback

(In Copper and Stainless Steel)

A selection of Dairy cylinders from 200L to 500L in stock and custom sizes available.  Cylinders for Motorhomes / Caravans and Marine tanks for yachts from 20 to 70L with or without element.  Drainback tanks for solar systems.

Hunson Range

(In Copper, Stainless Steel. Elephant / Mains Coil Type)

Hunson Type Coil Cyliners
Hunson / Elephant mains pressure style heat exchange water cylinders that use a low pressure tank to heat mains pressure water via a heat exchange coil.  Available in capacities from 180L to 1000L.

Cylinder Accessories

(Elements, Thermostats & Valves - Cylinder trays and seismic restraints)

We keep a range of accessories in stock from elements, thermostats and valves to cylinder drip trays and seismic restraints.  We also stock a 20L Copper header tank with ballcock.

Bulldog Boilers

(Spa pool Heaters)

Our Bulldog boilers, available in a range of sizes and heating options, are a great way to heat a spa or tub

Over sink and Under bench Boilers

(Lunchroom Coffee / Tea Boilers 2.5L – 25L)

We have an extensive range of boilers, both for over sink and under bench installation, that can be used in kitchens, lunch rooms tea rooms and smoko areas.

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